Silly Rabbit…Part 2

I’ve seen these little bunny treat holders all over the place, but that didn’t stop me from making some of my own:

Maui Stamper Basket o' Bunnies

These are cute and easy – the hardest part is putting the M&M’s into the bunnies and NOT into the Maui Stamper.

Maui Stamper Circle Treat Cup Bunny Treat HoldersThis is punch art at its simplest.  You’ll need the 1 3/4″ circle, 2 1/2″ circle, large oval, and Bitty Punch Pack (currently available as a Weekly Deal – hurry, just til Monday April 14th!)  You’ll also need the Circle Treat Holders and a bag of pom poms – the ones I had were kinda big but they give my Bunnies character.

Punch the 1 3/4″ circle FIRST.  Place the 2 1/2″ circle over the 1 3/4″ circle opening and cut a ring that is 2 1/2″ wide with a 1 3/4″ circle opening centered in the middle.  Then cut two large ovals and snip off about 1/2″ from one end of each oval, creating a flat spot.  Cut one more 2 1/2″ circle that is “whole” – no “hole” in the middle.

Put a little Tombo (the Wonder Adhesive) on the TOP of the treat cup rim.  Place the two ovals, flat side to the inside, together on the rim.  Add a dot of Tombo to the top of each oval and slide the ring (2 1/2″ wide with a 1 3/4″ opening) over the top.

Flip the cup over and fill it up with treats.  (A treat for bunny, a treat for me…a treat for bunny, a treat for me…)  Remove the liner from the self-stick adhesive on the treat holder and put the “whole” 2 1/2″ circle over the back.  Yes, they are going to have to destroy the treat holder to get to the candies.  It’s ok.  It’s only paper.

Punch a flower with the Bitty Punch pack and adhere it between the ears with Tombo (the Wonder Adhesive) or a Glue Dot (my new BFF).  Add a rhinestone or a pearl.  Adhere the pom pom to the top of the treat cup – my poms were so big I used Sticky strip, but if you found smaller ones I’m sure a Glue Dot would hold.

Repeat and repeat!!  They’re bunnies, aren’t they?  They’re supposed to multiply 🙂

Maui Stamper Bunny Treats in a Basket

4 thoughts on “Silly Rabbit…Part 2

  1. Oh my goodness. These are absolutely adorable!! I need to make these for our family Easter dinner. How creative! Happy Easter to you & your family:)


    1. Thanks, Annette! They go REALLY quickly…especially if you focus on filling the treat cups instead of filling your tummy 🙂 Happy Easter to you too!


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