Flowering Fields

This is turning into my favorite stamp set from the 2016 Sale-a-bration catalog:

Maui Stamper Flowering FIelds

Maui Stamper Flowering FIelds with And Many More

I stamped all the Timeless Textures backgrounds first.  Most of them were stamped off (inked, then lightly stamped on scrap paper, then stamped onto the project).  I added the Flowering Fields images with Soft Suede and then hand colored them.  I’m really getting into hand coloring.

If you look at the image in the top left corner, you’ll see the White Gel pen highlights.  I find so many uses for that pen, and I’ve learned to keep a brand new one as backup.  Maybe it’s the warm Maui weather, but I find they dry out before they are used up.  I used to do all kinds of crazy things to make them last longer, but I finally gave up.  They’re $4.  I’m worth it.

Maui Stamper Flowering FIelds with Timeless Textures


30 thoughts on “Flowering Fields

  1. You are worth it! I love your card. This was the first Saleabration set I had to have, but I’m finding it difficult to use, because of the small images I guess. But I’ll definitely have to try a copy of your card.


  2. I LOVE that you have decided you are worth a new $4 pen when you need one. Good for you! 🙂
    Absolutely gorgeous card …. Beautiful inspiration.


  3. I liked this card so much I copied it line for line and stamp for stamp. I usually take an idea that I see from something someone has made and make it my own but in this case I just downright stole the whole thing because it is so attractive. This stamp set is so versatile. I have used it on quite a few cards since I got it and enjoyed getting to use it again in its entirety.


  4. This is a beautiful card. I pinned it off of Pinterest (of course). I am using this card for my class at my local senior citizens center. Class is tomorrow so I’ve got to get going on this! Thanks so very much for the inspiration! Sandra


    1. Hi Janet,

      Yes, I did stamp each square individually. I set them up as an assembly line and it went pretty quickly. The coloring takes a little longer. I lined it up by eye – I’ve given up being perfect 🙂


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