We’re proud of our grad

Our son graduated this month and Mr. Maui Stamper and I are immensely proud of him.  Of course, a special card was in order:

Maui Stamper Beautiful Ride The Journey Begins

  • Stamps:  Beautiful Ride, World Map
  • Color Palette:  Notre Dame Blue and Gold 😄
  • Accessories: Aquapainter

Maui Stamper Beautiful Ride The Journey Begins

We’re proud of all three of our children – seems odd to say that when they are all adults.  I call them my chickens, and I’m always happy when we are all together. It’s been a good month.

4 thoughts on “We’re proud of our grad

  1. Anne,
    Congrats to your son. Hope you have good travel to the mainland and back. The card is a great way to congratulate him while not being traditional. Love it!


  2. OMG, can’t believe he already graduated! Congratulations Matt! Hope you all are doing well over there!~ Much love~


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