Bring on the candles

My son turned 20 earlier this month.  His birthday coincided with the start of a fabulous spring break trip sponsored by the university, so he has only seen his card recently.  I’m pretty sure he’s not a regular reader, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise in the rare event he checked in. I … More Bring on the candles

Lovely Sale-a-bration

Time to be honest:  I almost didn’t order the You’re Lovely stamp set available through Sale-a-bration 2014.  I got hung up on “You’re Lovely”.  I mean, really?  Who says that?  If you know me even a little, you’re probably laughing your head off imagining me saying “You’re lovely” with a straight face. But of course … More Lovely Sale-a-bration

Coffee and the ColourQ

Recently I’ve been cruising through a variety of challenge blogs.  I’m not consistently participating in any particular challenge, but it seems that a good one really gets the creative process going.  What makes a good challenge?  Well, my simple definition is that when I look at it I’m inspired!  Ha! Here’s my version of this … More Coffee and the ColourQ