Wait! Don’t toss those cards…

Re-use, reduce, recycle.

If you love paper and paper crafts, then it’s likely you save old cards – even commercially printed cards.  I’m guilty as charged, and further guilty of saving pretty ribbons from Christmas packages as well.  In the past, I’ve used a hand-held tag punch to create small gift tags, but this year I stepped it up.

Recycled cards from Two Tags Bigz

I certainly hope you bought the Stampin’ Up! Two Tags Bigz die (#115954, $21.95) when it was on sale during the 12 Days of Holiday Sales promotion, because that’s what I used to make these tags.  A stack of old cards, a pile of Christmas ribbon and about half an hour with the Big Shot yielded a bunch of tags ready for duty next year.  Here’s a closer look:

Recycled Santa tag

To encourage my family to wrap their own packages, I have gift wrap, ribbon and tags readily available around the first of December.  The tags and some stamped gift card holders are in a basket and everyone knows it’s first come, first served – this year we ran short on the afternoon of the 24th!  Getting a head start on next year’s tags avoids panic in December and keeps me from looking like a crazy bag lady when my family discovers packages of old cards stashed with the Christmas decorations.  Be sure to check that there’s nothing written on the inside of your image; someone else’s message about their kid’s moment of glory at the band concert shouldn’t compete with “To Kimo,  Love Tutu”.

I think there’s another stash of old cards somewhere.  Off to crank out a few more tags.  Re-use.  Reduce.  Recycle.

Happy New Year.

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