Ah madame, what a fine chapeau…

The Stampin’ Up! convention isn’t like most conventions.  It has many of the same elements – networking, education, inspiration – but there are some things that are unique.  One of the things I noticed this year fell into a loose category I would call “Stuff People Wear on their Heads”.

I didn’t get photos of everything – I missed the headbands that had clips to hold cards in them, and I neglected to get a photo of the group that wore tiaras.  But I did manage to take pictures of a few hats I thought went above and beyond:

The Canadian

This woman told me her hat has been to twelve conventions.  It didn’t occur to me until just this moment to ask her if she had also been to twelve, but it would seem logical, no?

Green fleece hat with flowers

This hat was one of many similar to be found  in the Convention Center.  The wearer told me her upline had made them for the entire group.  In honor of our Flower Power party on Wednesday night, they each had a large peace symbol embroidered on the top.  Most of them had been adorned, but this one was one of the most thoroughly embellished.

The Bize Bees

There is a lot of effort here!  I can’t imagine carrying this hat all the way from anywhere, especially on the plane from Maui, but there was a group of women who all wore them.  When I asked to take their photograph, they not only obliged me very cheerfully but asked if I would take one with their camera as well.  Of course I obliged.

I asked permission before I took each photo but didn’t tell them they were destined for the blogosphere.  Like an uber- rookie photojournalist I didn’t even think to ask their names.  If this was you, thank you for your generosity in letting me take your picture and I hope you enjoy being a part of the Maui Stamper!   The Maui Stamper team is already hard at work thinking about what we can wear (and carry on the plane) at Convention 2011.  Hold onto your hats!


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