Spooky things

If you’re like me, a new Stampin’ Up! catalog makes your heart beat faster.  One of the (many!) perks of being a demonstrator is seeing the new catalogs before they are released – and getting to order many of those products a month ahead of time.

The Holiday Mini catalog this year practically had me reaching for the oxygen.  Not only are there forays into fabulous new product lines – you’ve certainly heard that we have FABRIC – but there are awesome products for cards, scrapbooking, decorating, and just about any kind of crafting you can imagine for ALL the winter holidays (ok, time to cool it on the caps, I know.)  We saw a lot of great projects at convention using Holiday Mini products, but this was one of my favorites:

Spooky Things Decor Elements

Don’t you love it?? This is a perfect solution to my Halloween dilemma.  I know that most of you mainland folks buy your pumpkins and carve them days, maybe even a week before Halloween, and that they last beautifully out on your frosty front porches.  It doesn’t quite work that way here…we usually carve our pumpkins Halloween afternoon.  By the time they’ve spent a couple of hours Halloween evening on the front lanai with a tea light candle burning in them, they are already looking sort of sad.  The morning after is always depressing – there have been years when my pumpkins were already growing things at 8am on November 1.  If the trash man isn’t coming soon those pumpkins need to be well-wrapped before they get the heave-ho!  Ugh.  It grosses me out just to think about it.

Back to the fun stuff – the Home Office Genius Department had to paint orange pumpkins white – just couldn’t find white pumpkins in July – but I think these are just smashing!  (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)  Take some pumpkins and add a  few pieces from the Spooky Things Decor Elements (120909 black, 122296 dark grey, $14.95), some Black Flourish Designer Jewels (123987, $4.95) and black ribbon (lots of choices there!) and you have instant Halloween.   They may not last months and months in the tropics, but they’ll at least make it through the week.

We also saw luminarias done with the same Decor Elements:

Spooky Things luminarias

And one last spectacular project – the Haunted House:

Decor Accents Design-a-House Stampin Up!

It was worth the entire cost of convention to see this project put together on stage.  Suffice it to say that the folks that work in the Stampin’ Up! Home Office have  an enormous dose of creativity and the gift of entertainment.  This house is a Decor Accents Design-a-House (120911, $5.95) – it comes in white all ready for your own creative blast.

Time to put in a Holiday Mini catalog order!  Click on the image and the whole glorious catalog will open in a pdf.

Stampin' Up! 2010 Holiday Mini catalog

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