Decorating Jack

I have fond memories of carving Jack-O-Lanterns with my three kids.  We always selected “interesting” pumpkins and carefully drew faces with markers on them before we began the cutting to be sure we liked our choices.  The children were never terribly enthusiastic about sticking their hands inside and scooping out the gooey stuff, but my oldest daughter would always ask to set the seeds aside for roasting.

Now that there’s only a very busy 16 year old man-child in the house, carving pumpkins doesn’t generate the interest it did in the past.  It helps to understand that the carving had to be done on Halloween afternoon, because here on Maui a pumpkin that’s been cut more than 24 hours gets fuzzy very quickly.  My favorite Halloweens have been the ones that fell the night before trash pick-up, because I could dump all that soggy mess into the trash late on the 31st and it would be gone before the local insect population came to visit.

This year, when I saw the Decor Elements demonstrated on pumpkins at convention, I knew my problems had been solved:

Decor Elements Jack O Lantern - Trick

I wish I had a snazzy camera and lens that would show you Jack’s whole face in one shot, but for now you get to see his Trick side and his Treat side in two parts:

Decor Elements Halloween Pumpkin - Treat


This Jack is already sitting on my front porch – that in and of itself is an amazing thing.  Decor Elements, you rock.

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