Peggy’s slippers

OK, I need to explain something right off the bat.  In Hawaii, they’re called slippers.  Rubber slippers, to be more precise, and pronounced Rubbah Slippah.  Not thong, zori, flip-flop, sandal, or anything else.  There, got that off my chest.

Peggy's Slippers

Peggy made this card for me, and I know the cardstock is Whisper White and Poppy Parade, and the slippers are from the Sunny Fun stamp set in the Summer Mini.  She embossed them with our new Wild Wasabi embossing powder, and I have to tell you that this stuff is awesome.  It’s a fine, detail powder and the color just pops! (Be SURE to use your embossing buddy!!)  She used Stampin’ Write markers to color in the details on the slippers, and the embossing makes it much easier to stay inside the lines.

The standard slippah is black, plain black.  It’s what kids in school prefer and Longs Drug Store has an entire aisle with black slippahs in every possible size, teeny baby foot to big daddy foot.  When you walk in rubbah slippahs, you don’t slap them against your heel, you let them drag just a little bit.  And if you’re feeling sullen or tired or just real mellow, you let them drag a lot so that they almost shuffle along the ground by themselves.  Old surfers put their names or initials on their slippahs so they don’t get grabbed by mistake from the pile by the door.

These, however, are not standard slippahs.  These are Lah Dee Dah, Look at Me, (dare I say it) Mainland slippers.  You could even let these slippers slap your heel.

4 thoughts on “Peggy’s slippers

  1. Thanks for the interesting explanation of the cultural differences between “mainland flip flops” (or other names) and the Island “Rubbah Slippahs,” even to the way they are worn, or walked in!! Fascinating. Cute card, too. If I get to visit Hawaii, and I sure hope to, I will have to remember the difference!!


  2. I so enjoyed this post… Last time we were there, we did hit Longs and I got my slippahs… only mine were purdy white with blue flowers…. And of course I love this card, cuz I have my very own slippahs…lol. Thanks for sharing my friend…


  3. ps: growing up, we called them thongs but that name is so something different nowadays… you’d wear thongs and play with the hula hoop. dang, I’m aging myself….lol


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