Composition Books the Maui Stamper Way

I love to write, and I’m addicted to notebooks of all sorts…but I prefer it when they’re interesting (I was going to say “pretty” but that sounds like an 8 year old girl.)

Last weekend I made a very quick trip to Portland, Oregon for some training with Weight Watchers.  I was meeting three other Hawaii WW staff there, and I wanted to bring them a little “something”.  What could be better than some “interesting” composition books?

Katie's composition book

This one was for Katie – and of course, there had to be a coordinating pen.

Shawndra's composition book

I love this page of Designer Series Paper, but you can see that Shawndra’s scallops got a little mashed in my suitcase.  They’ll be fine with a smidgen of Tombo.

Kim's composition book

Blue and green for Kim – my favorite color combination!

Anne's composition book

Well, yes – yes, I did make one for myself!

These all use the Pocketful of Posies Designer Series paper.  I have loads of gorgeous papers right now because DSP is  Buy 3 get one Free!   You can get some too, but just through August 31 (I just did the knuckle trick to be sure that was right!)

2 thoughts on “Composition Books the Maui Stamper Way

  1. Ann, what dimensions did you use for the paper inside the pens? Does it vary based upon the pen dimensions? I tried this over the summer, but found it to be much harder than it looked…


    1. Dear Miriam,

      I usually cut my paper somewhere between 3/4 and 1 inch wide, and about 3 1/4 inches long. I curl it using a bamboo skewer – the kind you use for kebabs – and then slide it into the barrel.

      In my experience, it’s not the paper – it’s the pen. I HIGHLY recommend you use Pentel brand RSVP pens. 6 months ago I used another brand that was very similar and I just about tore my hair out! A very minor difference in the barrel size makes a very major difference in how easily the paper goes inside. I think you’ll find this a simple project if you use RSVP pens.

      Let me know how that works for you!


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