So much simpler than it looks…REALLY!

We made this card at club last week.  When I pulled it out, everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed, but when I told them this was the card du’jour, they were all SHOCKED.  Once I demonstrated how you pull it together, they gave me a bad time about how many little flowers they were going to have to punch, but they were ready to give it a whirl:

Floral Cascade card

Doesn’t it look like a flower garden at its peak in the middle of summer?  Here’s what it looks like opened up:

Floral cascading card open

No supply list – it’s any and all paper and texture stamps you have around plus every floral punch you own (and the XL Bird).  Pull out EVERYTHING and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Here’s what it looks like from the top when it’s open:

Floral cascading card  top view

I encounted this card on Pinterest and you can see Sonia’s post HERE.  She offers a tutorial for the card, and shares how thrilled she was to have it published in Papercraft Inspirations.  Prety fabulous stuff, if you ask me!

3 thoughts on “So much simpler than it looks…REALLY!

  1. Oh Anne, this is just gorgeous….. I love the look of a walkway of flowers. Is she selling the tutorial? This is something I gotta try…. Thanx for sharing your wonderful creativity…..


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