An elf…by himself

Years ago, when it became apparent that my grandmother could no longer live in her home, my sister and I made the arrangements to settle her in a new living situation and then turned our attention on the home she had lived in for nearly 50 years.  What we found could fill a book, but … More An elf…by himself

Stamping just for fun

Sometimes the list of projects I “have” to do gets out of control and I rebel.  (I KNOW.  You’re shocked.)  Last night I decided to make some simple tags just because: These aren’t to show off any special technique or demonstrate my skill as a colorist (snort) or win a Pinterest popularity award.  They were … More Stamping just for fun


I’m pretty much a “glass half full” kinda girl.  It’s a choice – and why not choose the happy option?  I have a loving husband and family, and more than enough “stuff”.  And I live here: (photo credit to my brilliant son) Mr. Stamper and I are living The Duo Life this Thanksgiving.  The newlyweds … More Gratitude

A very special sign

Carol was inspired by something she saw on Pinterest and asked her dad if he could make a sign for the wedding.  The guests were coming from many, many places, and Carol wanted something that would acknowledge the distances traveled. Mr Maui Stamper, aka Dad, is a craftsman in his own right.  His medium is … More A very special sign