Ah, Medallion!

If I had to choose only a few stamps to work with, Medallion would be very near the top of the list.  It’s elegant, it’s symmetrical, it’s layerable, and it looks great even if you cut part of the image off.  There are so many ways to embellish it, and it looks wonderful all by … More Ah, Medallion!

Bunches of flowers

These floral outline stamps make a quick and easy card.  It’s easy to layer them by using a simple mask:  stamp the image on a re-positionable note and cut the image out.  When you’ve stamped your first image, cover it with the mask and stamp an overlapping image.  I keep my masks in the plastic … More Bunches of flowers


How easily the words “Thank you” roll off our lips.  We say thanks so easily for so many small things…a kind gesture, a small gift, a thoughtful compliment. Gratitude implies something more.  It implies we’ve thought about what was given or done for us, turned it over in our minds and acknowledged that extra effort … More Gratitude